Why use Natural Fertilisers?

Natural fertilisers contain no artificial or synthetic materials and is renewable, biodegradable and sustainable.

Farmers are increasing looking for more cost effective and longer lasting fertilisers as an alternative to traditional synthetic fertilisers. They understand that natural fertilisers not only improve soil structure and aeration, it is PH neutral, improves water holding ability and all importantly, encourages micro-biological activity in the soil.

Natural fertilisers not only feed your plants but they improve the health of your soil. Natural fertilisers (manures) contain organic carbon which is the key to maintaining soil health.

Plants thrive with optimum nutrient levels including NPKS (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and Sulphur), Calcium and trace elements and minerals – all contained in varying amounts within our products.

While synthetic chemical fertilisers may do the job today, natural fertilisers ensure the health of your soils and plants tomorrow and beyond!!