Do you have a detailed analysis of each chicken manure product?

Yes, we have an analysis on each of our products which are updated regularly.

Do chicken manure product smell?

There is an initial odour from chicken manure however, stockpiled heaps will form a crust which seals in the smell and spread product cannot usually be smelt after a small rainfall event.

What about farm biosecurity?

Effective farm biosecurity relies on being aware of the potential risks of bringing outside materials, of any type, onto your farm. Your farm ‘Biosecurity Plan’ should be updated when outside materials enter your farming system. “RAM” or ‘restricted animal material’ can potentially include poultry litter due to the likelihood of feathers and egg shell materials within our products.

Is there a withholding period?

Spreading on a pasture paddock used for grazing by ruminant animals, it is recommended by the Department of Agriculture that livestock be kept out of the paddock until there has been sufficient pasture growth to absorb the compost and to limit any ingestion. Access should be restricted;

  • for a minimum of 21 days post application
  • regrowth has occurred and a minimum grass height of 4cm can be sustained at all times
  • and sufficient rainfall has eliminated any piles of material being present.

For cropping applications, compost is best applied just before sowing. It can be left on the soil surface as a mulch or can be incorporated into the soil.